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To Your Posterity

The posterity in itself realises beauty

the faces of your children  bewitch you

their movements be it  gentle or naughty

keep you in heavenly bliss.

Wealth is not the only one  you save

it is one of the many perhaps

the good you do  would stay  in the wave

being the most remarkable deed.

The malice you express  in your days

very much exposed in your  maladies

would remain unseen throughout  the days

it is the most ruthless endowment.

The preservation of your progeny  as it looks

lies not in your deceit and contempt

as found in the pages of  your  book

they rely on your  nobility.

Live with a magnanimity  all through

never  indulge in untoward   acts

it is the munificence that you  share  through

would make your offsprings  to glow.


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The Day In A Shine— Allegory

A day begins with a shine

ends up in nine

sees a lot of turmoil

culminates  in a coil

the expectations of the day

springs up in a way

as the day progresses in a velocity

the enthusiasm  turns a curiosity

Would it be possible? One contemplates

nay, it only exists in a template

some say it is an effort all diligent

I say it is is an attitude reticent.

Yes, the day shines and fades

so do the aspirations rise and recedebeach_sunrise_opportunity_poster-r64f13046aae04ad3b77757c0ade840a1_wzk_8byvr_324