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The Soothsayers Words

The curse of the forefathers

would put you to test rather

appease them at the earliest

else you would not be in rest

the saying of the soothsayers

makes me wonder as prayers

would restore peace very quick

the curse and swear will not kick

if one is devoted and true

the elders would bless with all the heart

if we do not stray from the righteous in part

well, this is my own personal thought

like not to impose on any of you

better not be swayed away by superstition

as it would condemn you to a distraction

deviate you from the rightful path easilysoothsayer

business kindred Poetry tea.

The Place Nothing Happens.

I live in a place

where nothing happens

if in a case

anything happens

it does in a restaurant

you could see all of the jaunts

filled with people in  a torrent

they flock and haunt

spend time over a cup of tea

sip ans sip the tea for hours

articulately talk with glee

there could be few lovers

the rest being business minded

talk much of their business aloud

not bothered of the kindred

this be the place I live

where  nothing could ever happen.

percentage. Poetry

Try Hard.

Try hard you would succeed

it is true in a way indeed

hard is relative in  a sense

so how to calculate hence

a little hard or harder

please tell me in order

I could try that much

find success as such

do not laugh at me

if you do I would flee

let me know the percentage

I could stop at the vantage

would you share with me the secret?

I would attempt  doing rather frequent

mainly, I want to succeed

Is it not great? in a deed.try hard