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Long Live My Sons ——-“Atha”.

Come the weekends
I sit tied to my phone
there could be no end
the rings come nonstop in tone
the calls would be in order
the first from my first son
who lives in the northern border
the next from my second son
who lives in the southern hemisphere
finally from my youngest one
who lives in the same sphere
all call me in the same tone
and utter the very word “atha”
( the Tamil equivalent of mother)
the eldest one talks in a mild voice
the same way he used to call me as a kid
the second one bursts out with emotion across
as he used to hug me when he was a kid
the third comes in an authoritative tone
the very way he used to beat me around as a kid
they have changed and fathered children
their voices till remains the same to me
and it is that call that brings me out of the den
three sonsMy sons, I love you all the more and most.
Long Live all of you!—-“Atha”.

cynosure. Poetry

The Two And A Half Year Old Boy.

A two and a half-year-old boy
calls every female aunty
his mother is a friendly one
her friends are known as aunties
his father being very quiet
has not many friends to talk
the male go without any term
they are a representative of all walks
the kid goes haywire if he sees strangers
interacts with them in a pleasant babble
mixes the language he knows in a range
catches everyone’s attention with his ramble
no doubt, he is a cynosure of all eyes
he is a darling even when he cries.two and a half year old boy

monitor Poetry


Uploading a site
adding it bright
casting it straight
claiming it right
all seem to me a burden
as I am not a warden
not able to monitor
I feel a jitter
when it comes to all these
I am always in a freeze.upload


I Have Not Earned.

I have not earned a penny
nor won a single penny
been with the family for years
children and husband near
never had a thought to slog
sat at home like a log.

It is a thought out of time
asI hear my death bell chime
I pine for not having earned
know it is too late to yearn
still my mind allows me not at peace
I look at my worn out hands in a tease.

Could I make up for the lost?
My twilight years runs fast
before I close my eyes
I want to earn a few paise
would I be able to do?
it is something out of the twilight years.