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The Mother, The Mother

A talk all through the evening

a conversation over the phone

I wait for the phone to ring

expect the most familiar tone

the weekends usually is fun

not like the weekdays

when I have to  work in tons

tired and exasperated  always

I relax on Saturdays

answering the  successive phone calls

the one after another in a way

they be in  the order never false

the first from my first born  at the onset

enquires  my welfare  in words of choice

the next one from my second at the behest

mother-inspirational-daily in his inimitable way introspects on  my poise

the final call from my little one when at rest

who interrogates  my  health status

all the three come up in different turns

the subject being I at all runs

it is  the mother, the mother  all the more

they could not think of anything more.

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Black and Blue — Allegory

It was a blend of black and blue

came it with a dark hue

it looked pretty serene

a colour with a tinge of green

I  was taken to the combination

could be not a distraction

a pleasant sense of modesty

could hold a strain of royalty

as blue goes with the imperial

it was  nice and real

well, others felt it was too dark

does not suit those who are dark

the majority wins as always

I have to nod my head as always

acceptance has never been an issue

it is perhaps in my nerves and tissue

I would protest in  the stage initial

finally, go with the loudest decibel

this could be the way out

not always, I concur throughout

at times I throw and walk away

I had been the loser any wayBlack-and-Blue-Rose

the  colours black  and blue

have brought my attitude  true