forsake Poetry recognize.

The Memory Forsakes

It is a carelessness
dodges me now and then
Could it be of thickness
or could it be in the dense
both the mind and memory
leave me now for a break
I do not know what to do
without them in the take
I turn irrelevant in a show.

Well they ask with impertinence
how long could we serve you?
you have to practice diligence
and revert your due
please allow us to rest alone
without your intimacy
we would be better off in tone
away from your dependency.

I have become a despondent
not physical in an abrupt sense
not have a stick to support
nor an aid to alert my senses
my eyes are not with glasses
my abstract undergoes turns and twists
memory has deserted me long ago
the mind tries to wander around
with not a stick I stick to a logo.

The logo tells of the delirium
feverish in the mind and thought
what would be the optimum?
unknowingly I hasten to the slot
where I do not recognise myself
I sit there in the amiss for long
my eyes hover not with a focus
soon I would merge into a song.memory forsakes

Mother's day. Poetry

The Mother’s Day.

Mother’s day special it is
a wish and a gift with a thought
would lead to a bliss
allow it to prosper in all slots

A wish could keep you going
a thought from far and near
a gift also a buoying
that one from the dear.

Mothers all over the world
relish this day with a joy
an appreciation in words
worth a million in an enjoy.

A concept much new now
not known during my days
never wished my mother in a know
while she remained in stay.

Good to remember the one who begot you
I would vouchsafe even more not a wish alone
a day is insufficient in a clue
as she still holds you without a frown.

Every day is Mother’s Day
as she is the best of all mothers-daythat belongs
call her anyway
wish her with a happy song.