Poem reigns Sun

The Sun Controls The Climate.

The sun shines with a scorch
the night needs no torch
the land is a botch
the man is loaded with scotch.

The sun shines with a bite
the night goes out of sight
the land turns tight
the man struggles in the light.

The sun shines in all glory
the night becomes scary
the land transforms into a flurry
the man scorns in a fury.

The sun sets the life in motion
the night settles meekly to a portion
the land disguises into a fusion
the man learns a lot from tuition.

The sun keeps the reign
the night receives rains
the land incurs a strain
the man suffers pain.

converted PNM file
converted PNM file

fascination Poetry

Fascination —– A Concept.

Fascination depends on each
could be different in a reach
a child loves toys
they are his joy
a girl likes a beautiful dress
it must be her press
you might like money
makes you sunny
I might love to write
puts me in the path right
each one likes and lives
that renders them an allow

Poetry tatters. tired

Obsession Truly

Too much obsessed with worldly matters
I am very much tired and in tatters
the politics has its own image
one of greed and cheat at all stage.
the business goes with a motto
profit and profit all the more
the family tries to sweep
with the wants and wishes deep
unable to come to terms either way
I stand deposed from my stay
could a close of my life
bring tranquility to my soul
I would be more than pleased
it should come to me fast I impleadScreen-shot
would it come soon to me all the more?