collapse. Poetry unbearable

Pain Is Abstract.

Pain is abstract.
To me,pain kills it is intact.
be it in the physic
it keeps brusque
be it in the mind
it ties you in a kind.

Pain is disabling
it pulls you invariably
your body gives way possibly
so does the mind instantly
a collapse is there unresistingly.
death could be the end instantaneously.

Pain is unbearable
with the tag unable
a kill and a gnaw
holds you in a claw
writhing in pain you fall
no one would attend your call.

Pain to me is never abstract
it does exist in fact
closes with a folded hands
never relaxes the band
it stifles you all the way through
that be the pain in true

enigma Poetry

A Circulate — Metaphorical

A belief as of now
could be a best of your know
it is not in the flow
comes so sudden in a blow.

What for is the prelude?
you might ask in an interlude
but so far if you could
go with it as you would.

Stil, it is an enigma
you would be in a dilemma
it is none the less a stigma
could be in a way a sigma.

Gosh! I am still not very clear
what is it all about? you fear
as you get close and near
you would realise,circulate my dear

adult Poetry young

I Go Back

I have a son
who is always fun
climbs he on the trees
calls from there cheese
jumps down with a thud
tramps on the plants with buds
runs up to the road fast
turns back without a cast
plays on the heap of sand
rolls down with a noisy land
it is curious to see him play
Oh, I have forgotten all the more
the son of mine is young no longer
he is a responsible father now
his son would play the same way as of now.portrait of a teenage boy climbing in a tree, backlit

indicative. Poetry

The Indicative Words.

This falls into that
that converges into this
one being a little near
the other being very far
the pointing goes with the finger
the indication shows the rangeindicative words
this and that are relative words
used often in this world
an easy way to place the status
a facilitator to remain out of focus
well, that be the nuance of the language
the greatness of the English language.