Poem prayer

Folded Hands

Folded hands  is a sign of greeting

could be  a symbol of prayer

both take us by a fleet

the greeting with a folded hands cute smile  is a tweet

the prayer with a piety  is bliss

give us a peace of mind in no ordinary terms

enough to sustain for the day, nay for a term

if practised in a routine with a kindness

could extend a tranquillity  in a fullness.

mangement. Poetry temple

A Switch Over.

It is a day eventful

to a point dutiful

a management change

year after year in  a range

not that of a corporate transfer

that of a celestial fare

where the mighty not find a place

nor financials are seen in a case

it is a simple progression

faith in an impression

a direction solemn and sombre

perhaps from the omnipotent in sober

took place with aesthetics in  chaste

in its own  speed without haste

a changeover with divine grace

a switchover with a gracefulkaipetti. poise.

days nice Poetry sullen

Days Are Alive.

Days are nice

when they are warm

comfortable. and calm.

Days are nice

when they are cold

sleepy in a fold.

Days are nice

when they are sultry

humid and dreary.

Days are nice

when they are windy

airy and breezy.

Days are nice

when they are rainy

wet and  marshy.

Days are nice

when they are still

sullen and sombre

it is very nice

days are always

alive  in a way.days are alive