hurt Poetry

Man Is Incorrigible.

The place opposite to my house
once had monkeys in the most
the space now is a repair shop
thought no monkeys would hop
I am proved wrong now
as I see them dancing in a flow
they used to hop and stop on trees
now they do so on bars very free
the trees had been felledtrees felled atrociously
the monkeys cast their spell mischievously
that be the ruin of Nature by man
he does much harm as much as he can


What I Am?

Come what may
I live in my own way
not perturbed or bothered
as I am not a wayward
I know my limits
accordingly I remit
I talk of what I know
never do I show
pride and disrespect
moderation is a game
compromise is always tame
I fight for my due till the end
never for anything I bend
I might be called firm and resolute
that is what I am in absolute.moderation