cheap Poetry sake

The Small TImers.

The small timers they are
behave as what they are
small in mind and heart
could be easily bought
a day with them in general
is an experience in all
they sneak and sniff
smell and go in a jiffy
never do they show any poise
as they are cheap in all choice
money is the lure at all times
as that is their most prime
they would wear a fox’s skin
and would pick from the bin
attorney-chasing-money-dreamstime_xs_22956086money being the cause
without that they would never pause.

desirable gait Poem

Divine Grace.

Ichithra pournamit is grace they say
a divine grace in a way
that overwhelms the crowd
who shout aloud
they shake and cry
never at all shy
raise their voice
throw their choice
excited they are
exaggerated they wear
studs, bracelets and chains
gaudy shirts with thick metals
all go to make the scene unholy
the frenzied shouts haunt the ears
their gait teases the eyes
altogether a not so desirable event
but has become a powerful deviant.


Truth Would never Let You Down.

Angered at yesterday’s turn of events
fell on my bed with a split headache
what could be the reason for this advent?
I checked the days incidents for the sake
opening out the happenings and laying it bare
I found out the causes for the transformation.

Indeed, it is nothing to hurt the mind
it is but a gimmicky for the time being
the preamble for the stretch that lies behind
would come to light with the truth surfacing
that would be not in the recent as I feel
would break open when the time arises.

The truth could never be suppressed
it would come out with a spurt
none could restrict or repress
it would stand as evidence without request
that is the charisma of truth all said and done
a great quality that has to be enhanced all the more.truth