pleasure. Poetry

On Writing.

The likes Ion writing. see
the comments I find
the blogs I read
the images I see
make me revel
how many ways to write
how much to write
how well to write
I sit with an amazement
I stare with an astonishment
well, writing is a fun
it could also render a run.

Faith Poetry repose.

The Belief Full

The faith one has
a full and complete
with no ifs and bits in class
very firm and resolute
be it in the case
of husband and wife
the one in a chase
would ruin the life
could be the same
with the master and servant
the one plays the game
would prove to be defiant
could also work out
with friends in all
the one betrays out and out
would be undoubtedly a fall
be that always in the stream
the trust on one another
would promote a gleam
a wonderful scenario