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Incoherent Rambling.

It is fun to see those

who talk about crores

nothing they have done

not even for  the sake of fun

but talk to the hearts 3148961-Business-Concepts-Business-talk-Stock-Vector-coffee-cartoon-shopcontent

lengthening it to an extent

about their achievements

amidst great impediments

when they did not perform

how could there be obstacles in any form

they go on and on rambling incessantly

hard to turn the ears to the incoherency.

A Half Baked Nonsense.

irate womanA half-baked nonsese crosses the geniality.
It evolves from a deformed mentality.
It is an outcome of a feverish jealousy.
It reflects a temperament of itching rancour.

The eyes rave on sites flawless.
They shoot a glare ruthless.
The eyes emit venom and evil.
The looks show a shocking caustic fervour.

The tongue being a boneless organ wags as it wishes.
It spurts drastic remarks in a velocity none misses.
The tongue speaks corrosive words in full blast.
Creating an unpleasant distaste inducing a shiver.

Such ill-conceived rattling fill the air.
Reinforcing mauled designs unworthy to bear.
Yet such talks pour out of minds destitute.
That are impregnate with sadism as of ever.