black chair exterior interior. mind perfection Poetry register sooty table

Dusting I Do

doing-chores-clip-art-430080Dust the table

dust the chair

dust this and that

I command now and then

dust accumulates so fast

a day without dusting

creates a havoc

I go about with my dusting

find no time to dust the mind

which has gone black and sooty

could register none  in its socket

a poor dame I am

too much worldly

penchant towards perfection

rather of the exterior

than that of the interior.

Poetry record refer register

Could be so.

could be soA premonition

could be from an intuition

reveals a recreation.

A recreation

could be from an insinuation

records a retribution.

A retribution

could be from an instigation

refers an installation.

An installation

could be from an election

registers an information.