enticing Haiku Poetry


teacupA lovely teacup

with tea to the brim

looks extremely enticing


The Medallion

A medallion  could be

a decoration to see

honours who wears

a design to care

could be for bravery

also for  the integrity

might refer to discipline

an excellence of shine

military credentials in strength

academic   brilliance in depth

peace efforts a culmination

scientific research in improvisation

anyone who acquires medallion

feels not insecure

could hold hid head high

would not hide  in shy

a reward  very precious

an  award covetous

all try  hard towards

a fortunate few  go forward

the reach of the medallion is extensive

the pride it gives is intensive.

melancholy Poetry

The Overflow

The water overflows

with a gushy force

inundates the land around

marshy becomes the surround

the dampness is so soggy

the feet becomes muddy

as we walk through the place

cautious of a fall in  case.

Melancholy sets in gradually

the heart pounds inordinately

could hear a sob intermittently

tears drop down slowly

the face turns puffy

heart-rending it is  totally

as we sit watch helplessly

know not how to stop. immediately.

Situations can be linked to nature

being a great healer

the overflows of the water and feelings

relate to each other without  readings

statistics and data do not  approve

they say it is but a falsity in proves

the parallels might be fictional

yet they have connections perennialwater fllods