Nature Poetry Representation

A Stream

A stream I espy

reflects the sky

it feels shy  as it runs

and  runs across

with no flaws

goes on in a toss

could see ripples mild

a swirl and  a twist  piled

it flows almost filed

the flowers float in pairs

the fish swim with care

these be the noble shares

we notice in the stream’s  hold

as it gently passes in the fold

the waters not very cold

it is a beautiful expression

nature’s priced installation

a glorious yet modest   representationa stream

Poetry schedule

Not With A Cup Of Tea

It is a first hour in the morning

not I with a cup of tea

nor I with a newspaper in hand

I sit on the patio just gazing

my eyes do not rest on a focus

it hovers all through in a way

could hear the birds call

the nightingale in her sweet voice

comes out with a ku ku ku

the dogs  on watch go to sleep

with a snarl and a growl

the lizards on my wall

make a noise strange

the mosquitoes after their nightly pursuits

go back to their breeding place

I sit there for long  lost in a reverie

I wake up from my  dream

ascup of tea the newspaper brushes past my face

the next hour on  I  am into the schedule