Haiku Poetry


Ccontestsontests kindle competitiveness

create  a vibration with enthusiasm

where anxiety overwhelms

enlighten Poetry reach. oration

Public Speaking

A  boy of ten years

talks without fear

details every issue

be that of a small tissue

elaborates with such specifics

not all knows such intricacies

spoke to him last night

he, with his eyes bright

made a speech in his school

that of gadgets and tools

his classmates went to sleep

got up after a beep

his teachers listened in keen

well that has always been

he felt very sad to note

told him elaboration is his forte

has to limit it to an extent

add some anecdotes past and present

a way he could improve his reach

as  an fifth grader speechoration  should enlighten not teach.

destiny. Poetry

The Music Within

The music I hear

causes a tear

the heart cries

the soul stirs

the eyes of the poor

though not speak words

express feelings of hurt

their suffering mostly silent

sings many a song

of struggle  and scarcity

their hands  bear

scars of toil red and black

their feet have blisters

the nails all broke

niggard they are

hear them rant

ignites a fire

that rises up

darkens the cloud

pours down as rain

a feeble way

to assuage their  bruise

smothers now and then

keeps them in the poor-in-spiritflow.

meet. Poety

Those I Meet

While taking a walk

saw  two men talk

I passed them with a nod

A few steps ahead

crossed  a reptile with a small head

I hopped over it  without a fall.

In a little distance

two sparrows flew very low

I deviated with caution not to hurt.

As I turned right

a cat jumped from the wall

scared for a moment I stood still

Continued my sojourn

came back to the start

saw the men in conversation.

Talk the men all along

for hours together even longer

know not what for

yet they carry on.morning walk