Me In A Nutshell

I stay calm for long  duration

am rash on occasions

when rubbed on the wrong side

I withdraw  like the tide.nutshell

It is my weakness all say

I do not think that way

I feel it is my forte

I do not wish to float

nor do I intend to bear

as I do not care

whatever be the consequences

I walk past with an indulgence

never to turn again

not even for a gain

that be my attitude

I nurture a lot of gratitude

never I forget the help  I received

never loose track of how I was deceived.

Well, that is me in a nutshell

as I mostly prefer to be inside a shell


A Small House

It is a small house

a full house

with children many

all not very tiny

cheerful and alert

never in a divert

work and play

not only with clay

being the base for dollsdolls

happiness is felt in all

a great enthusiasm it is

a preference with, please

the house though small  in size

exudes warmth without a price.

awesome awkward Poetry

On Any Subject.

It is easy to write

what comes to the mind

could be a crow white

though  the black is the usual find

could be a peacock

with feathers all over

the cry of the crow  locks

the ears with an awkward power

the dance of the peacocks

beautiful and gorgeous

entices  all awesome_peacock_danceand knocks

both the husky cry

and the dance entices

though in a different way

one  happens when the sun rises

the other in the early morning

features that  are common  anyway

one is a wake-up call with a crowing

another an entertainment  with a dancing

a write could be possible altogether

be that of any topic rather.