Poetry rise.

Fear A Quick Rise.

Words come to me very slowly

and I write very lethargically

go through it again  very lazily

sit there with a gaze unwittingly

my writings  are simple   as such

there is no great effort as much

I write with a simple touch

neither a satire nor an allegory

either be it a poem  sans glory

I write in an ordinary style

never refer any  file

this is my attempt and a try for long I fly

for long this is how I fly

almost without any slide

as it is easy to glide

and move up gradually

as I fear quickquick rise rise very truly.

Evolution Poetry

Darwins Theory

The theory of Darwin

is of a great win

founded on a strong basis

could be a lively thesis

all life is related  almost

birds and bananas in the foremost

man and animals with common ancestors

the theory goes around with great zest

disputed and undisputed  time and again

Darwin’s still holds the rein

evolution is a process continuous

goes on with a flow tremendous.Natural selection

negotiations. Poetry

Up And Down

The day yesterday

indeed a taxing day

a drive up and down

on a road of ups and downs

the sun was never up and down

it shone all through the ups and downs

have to negotiate every up and down

returned on the same road of ups and downs

once back home rushed up and down

arranged the house which was upside down

fell on the bed not up and down

dreamt of events that ranged  up and down

Am I obsessed with up and down?ups and downs