Poetry Reliability.

Is Flying Reliable?

Flying is fun

embark and fly but breathe

after reaching the destination.

Flights have disappeared

not once but twice  all too sudden

for reasons unknown.

The rationality behind

pilot’s suicideA_Germanwings_A320_3243376b, his carelessness, a snag

all  human trepidations.

Poetry precipice

The Edge Of The World.

Long time since I thought of the world

as I am away from the world

far into the world of my words

I stand on a precipice high above

I have nothing to support

well, that could be my life in and out

lived so long with none on board.

A case of loneliness, it could be

not am I a solitary child  as to be

born with siblings five  a good number

been always out of their circle, I remember

how did it happen I am not aware

yet I grew up with no share

got a little of the high volumes

yet they always bubbled with fumes

knew not for what reason it was

deliberated long to know the cause

success was never by  my side

jealousy runs high like a gigantic tide

this is at my mother’s place

also similar to  the in-laws case

as it would be an easy surmise now

my spirits sink very low

I live amidst my families right

physically it is a straight hit

I am miles and miles away from them

I have many chances to see them

my mind carries me away very fast

now they are strangers to me in a  cast

this could be the edge of the world in a focus

I could see an opened door that shows a grand status.precipice

Global warming. Poetry

The Long Summers.

The summer is early

it hots up dearly

before it was once yearly

now  it is present daily

the breeze  is hot

men are caught

water is bought

this is what happens

as the summer sharpens

the heat deepens

there is perspiration

there are indispositions

there are propositions

the global warming  stems up

left as such would hot up

one has to top up

with ideas for reduction

and strike a note on deduction

along with an introduction

that way the summer could  shorten

the other seasons would lengthen

through which the temperatures would lessen

a research and a study should ensure

a back to the old days of moderation in an warming


The Dress.

A way to dress

as occasions demand

simple and pressed

the best in stand

decent and modest always

never gaudy and provocative

mild designs  stitched appropriately

disciplined and not reactive

never an eyesore but eye-catching

extends a respect  and admiration

could win over hearts in full

a  really reliable mode of conduct

found in the attire you darn not dull

as  a dress makes half the person

the rest, of course.dress. is the behave and intellect.

insecurity. Poetry Pride

Great And Nothing

The feel of greatness 

keeps me awestruck

the thought of nothingness

relates to a  daring pluck

both awakens us to a reality

greatness is abstract

and it  commands an instability

the pride makes us insecure in fact

nothingness is a vacuum  definitely

it lends an emptiness and an alarm

the fear makes us indolent  exactly

the apprehension arises from the storm

one being correlated  to the other

pride and insecurity  coordinate

greatness and nothingness  do  bother

with the same tenor not in a deviate.great and nothing