The Isms All Through

The isms on the go

with  a realism on the flow

the suffix “Suridealism ” with realism

turns into surrealism

such that be in the medical dictionary

they combat an itinerary

one of a thyroid deficiency

due to lack of efficiency

marked by hyperthyroidism

contradicted by hypothyroidism

along with the interaction impairment

called as  the dreaded autism in

an impeccable charisma is idealism

while destiny is associated with fatalism

enters the royalty with imperialism

the less space is affirmed as minimalism

these are the major isms along with the minority

dualism and parallelism  in priority

the pragmatism refers to the practical

thus, they occupy with no schisms

well defined by the rising metabolism.

Fairest. Poetry

Fairest Of All

Mirror, mirror on the wall
who is the fairest of all?
each one of us has this call
whether we are tall
or look like a dumb doll
round and plump like a ball
no matter what we are in self
we are proud of our self
say to the mirror
“I am the fairest of all.”

mirror , mirror

Impermanence. Poetry

The Destination

That which happens today

was never thought of yesterday

an announcement made today

is denounced tomorrow, the next day

the transitoriness is so remarkable

yet we live with a preamble

we want to proceed as we wish

there is another factor that would dish

dash the thoughts on the wall

we go frantic with our call

that does not matter a wee more

we succumb to the pressures all the more

the impermanence is always there

let us open our eyes and stare

then realize the positives

eschew the negatives

embrace what is possible

leave out the impossible

an acceptance leads us to a satisfaction

peace takes us to thedestination destination.

home Poetry

More At Home

More at home

never like to roam

a home is a home

small or big

like to dig

eat few figs

read a book  with interest

that is the way I rest

with that my life is full of zest

a read, a write and a sleep

with thoughts not very deep

I stay at home all the time

not matter when the clock and write