marriage Poetry


Marriage of hearts

not one in our part

marry for money.

Marriage of hearts

not so in our part

marry for status.

Marriage of hearts

not so in our part

for the sake.

Marriage of hearts

as seen in our part

marry for convenience.dowry

Poetry unnshown

The Affirmations and Rejections

Like to view

wish to review

like to ensure

wish to assure

like to deviate

wish to radiate

like to talk

wish to walk

could all these be

could all these not be

wishes and likes increase

never at any time decrease

affirmations and rejections

with no causes or representations

fly high with no follow-up

therein comes a round-up

unexpected and unknown

all such experiences pass unshown.affirmations and rejections


The Black Crow Calls

A crow yonder

cries with a fervour

not once but many a time

with a loudness akin to a chime

at regular intervals from morning

it thinks its cry is a sing

goes on and on with a diligence

know not why it caws with such indulgence

people say it perhaps foretells an event

the arrival of guests or any other deviant

a diverse from the regular course

and a derivation out of source

pertinent to a superstition

present an appreciation

a feel could be this way

a thought out of the way.crow.

magic Poetry

A Magical Touch

Rains come and go

a novel phenomenon in the go

there was a drizzle an hour ago

then the cool breeze  in a soft blow

again the  sharp showers  with a flow

a lull for a time without any catch

a repetition rains come and go in full not in the patch

it is  wonderful to watch

very magical in touch

an enchanting experience in all