impostors. Poetry


the financial world commands

there are few demands

art and learning

sculpture and painting

concern not with monetary ethics

they wish to rely on aesthetics

most not understand the sensitivity

they are drawn towards the economics

the deals  of buy and sell  in gross

with that of profit and loss

ascertain a grand entry into society

they walk with an imperial virtuosity

there are few others  in the community

who ape and end up sordidly

pose as great men with interests diverse

little they know how their proportions work inversely

ignorant of the delicacies of art

they  talk about money from the start

such men are a threat to mankind

impostors  in all manner and kind.impostors

heat. Poetry

The Toast.

The dryness pervades

as the sun invades

the heat is in a tirade

no rains to trade

the warmth has made

the skin to shrink

they are  on the brink

of a break in a wink

hard to create a  link

with a blink

the sun stares at the most

not only in the coast

in every way it boasts

makes of man a roast.sunburn

natural. Poetry

Where? Wear ! and Ware!!

I am nowhere

I find myself not anywhere

I could be seen not everywhere

I am distanced from the where’s.

I do not fit into any wear

I have my own distinctive wear

I could be rarely found in any other wear

I am almost in a state of  tear and wear.

I use all the different kinds of wares

silverware and other metalwares

prefer to utilise the natural wares

as they contribute to the welfare.

The artificial are found anywhere

plastics and polyurethane wares

polyester and polyurethane in wears

Oh! the wares wear me  out everywhere.

These be the reason I am nowhere

Cotton  is my favourite wear

Pots are  lovely earthenwares

With them,plastic box I wish to be everywhere