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Live By Default

Like to live alone

with thoughts of my own.

Like to live exclusive

wish not to have any inclusive

Like to live quiet

apart from the bustle and riot.

Like to live in a place up

far away from the hubbub.

Like to live unnoticed

well into the shell  reticent.

Like to  live on a hill

where everything is still.

Like to be myself

wish not to ape any self.

These be my rewards and  faults

Well, I live bylive by default default.

heat passion Poetry rhyme rhythm write

A Mystery — I Note.

I expect rains  for a change

the heat is beyond the range

my wish is not strange

it is well within the  range

my mind goes dizzy

my thoughts  go hazy

and I miss my rhymes frequently

the rhythm gets mixed inordinately

it is due to the heat,rains do not come I think

yet, I write  with a passion

write for what reason

I know not, a mystery

I am unable to unravel.