impressive Poetry

That Stupefy And Exhilarate

Luxurious it is to see the hills

green and calm always in a still

the majestic atonement it displays

there is nothing so thrilling in the database

capable of a fascination so peaceful

each time it looks so wonderful

I lose myself when I see its loftiness

impressive and imperious with an ebullience

“how could you stand so erect”?

I query her with an admiration perfect

she condescends with a smile so sweet

“how long have you  been there?’ I tweet

she smothers  me with her charm

the hows of me make her beam and deemfauna and flora

Nature armed with such land features

extends a carouse to all the earthly creatures

the elevation is a home for  many

birds and bees abide  in plenty

the fauna and flora stupefy and exhilarate

the hills are one that none could hate.


The Reveal

Truly to say

I do not get along

I like to move in a way

very quiet and calm.

That way no none likes

as actions always count

the feverish show I dislike

remain observant and silent.

An ill fit I could be

where all move with a frenzy

alternated by hurry and glee

stay gentle with a smile.

This could be a provoke

when there is incessant gossip

going around  without a revoke

refrain from any invoke.

Well, that is what I am

reserved and not among the crowd

a spectator I am

soft and unperturbed all through.

The reveal I make of myself

is not of importance to anyone

as I am to myself

insignificant in the milieu silent

Absolute. Poetry

God Is With Me And You

God is in me

God is in you.

God is within me

God is  without too.

The God in us

seen in our deeds

calls for a bless

not for ill deeds.

God is nothing other

it is the soul in the inner

if we not bother

He would blossom further.

God is absolute

found in Nature

He is resolute

as seen in all feature.

God is beautiful

personified in every detail

He is wonderful

shows, not anything futile.

The prayers to resurrect

The prayers for the welfare

are  but  a bisect

tear apart the regular fare.

Speak no lie

God  will be with you.

Commit no sin even in a try

God will be with you.

The chant and slokas

the yagams and homams

the pilgrimage and penance

are not honoured by God.

He does not demand

He does not receive.

He never commands

nor he deceives.

God is in you and I

let us go in a way straight

never beseech or cry

God in me always do the right.

I might sound different

my words  could cause a dislike

I am very definite in my reference

Take it  or leave it to your like