fathomless. Haiku Poetry

A Travel Less Travelled

Round and round

I go in concentric circles

an unending  travel.

Round and round

I go in a roundabout

a tiring journey

Round and round

I go through a monotony

a fathomless approach.

Round and round

I go  to a blind spot

a target unreachable.

Round and round

it is always in rounds

not one tangibleconcentric circles

Milton patience Poetry

They Also Serve

Seem not to move stagnant

stagnant  it remains

a push could prove

a fruitful gain

know not how to do

stand there in the queue

overtake and a  surpass

has never been my pass

so wait is the only way

patience throughout  the day

recall the words of Miltonserve

they also serve

who stand and wait,

Poetry Untimely.

The Untimely Call

The morning calls so often

makes me jittery

with eyes half open

get up hastily

stretch  the hands lazily

pick up with a reluctance

speak with no indulgence

whoever it might be

having lost the glee

the sleep early in the morning

and a wake up with a yawning

keeps me in cheer the whole day

lost now by this untimely call.

untimeliness in any way

provokes a fury all call


An Urgent Behest.

The equation goes along

the one not an equal

the other very competitive

the rich outnumber the poor

not often seen in society

if  found the wealth   strikes

the display is tremendous

open in a way of illumination

in the mode of driving

limousines and chauffeured drivers

palatial mansions and sprawling gardens

an eye capture and  a grand  living style

juxtaposed with the poor in the surround

where huts become homes in large

their dwelling is  meagre in standards

the meals frugal and simple

with nothing much to talk about

the distinction sets in a trend

an obvious one for that matter

a high stylish living on one side

a hand to mouth existence on the other

these leave us gape and wonder

how such inequality arises?

the rich  wealthy by inheritance

or by sheer luck or through illegal means

the poor in such sordidness with little to eat

fall into  the depth  of penury  due to lethargy

cause of a gamble, a failure to perform

ill fate or an ignorance in all

know not what brought in  the demarcation

exist in the east and west without difference

a situation needs an urgent rich and poor behest.