reverberation thoughts

Sound Of Rain

Tut , tut

falls the rain,

on the roof top.


Thud ,thud ,

falls the rain,

On the garden path.



Drop, drop,

falls  the rain

from the trees.


Drip, drip,

falls the rain,

from the  houses.


Lap ,lap

falls the rain

over the  hill


Grunt , grunt,

falls the rain ,

over the  sea.

Ugh, ugh,

falls the rain ,

from the sky.


Hush, hush,

the rain pours,

keep vigil.



Economy subscriptions thoughts

Hedging Wealth

Hedging funds have actually hedged wealth.

Galleon has come to the forefront as  a fraudulent company,

How many similar funds go unscathed?

How many influential persons have escaped attention, because of their  rapport with the governing politicians.?

Such kind of Galleon’s exposition is possible in U.S.

But in India and other developing countries frauds multiply, like mosquitoes breed in damp climate.

The regulatory forum is itself corrupt.

The insider trading is an old trick followed by the so-called tycoons.

They make money, pay the brokers heavily, and revel in high living and posh external manifestations.

It is these top placed business men, who come out with philanthropic deals, funding this , adopting that.

India , is known for nurturing the nourished, caring the most cared, and pampering the existing splendour.

The Indian way of freebies, is spoiling the already spoilt  poor.

The exact process of making them independent financially, physically and in relation to mental stability is absolutely floundered by the  government.

Today they give a colour T.V.

Tomorrow they provide a Gas cylinder for cooking.

Day after they extend health care.

Yesterday they allowed  free electricity.

Provision is distributed. The usage is not scrutinised.

The free bies  reward the needy.

They also shell out handsome kick backs to the intermediaries and politicians.The administration settles in for a brand which sends out high  pay off, in the manner of commission.The brokerage is proportioned according to the scale of position.

As the government is busy scheduling all these resolutions, a far serious regulation is overseen.

The over sightedness in  containing the loopholes drives a big hole in the transactions.

 In and Out the hedge fund managers, with their high-profile, and excess money, bag purchases, trap the bureaucrats.

The out come of such irrational, wicked directions, is a collection of materials in a big shopping bag.

This monetary accrual ,most times  are so overwhelming, that they bulge and tear the container in which they are stored.

The truth unobtrusively pops out.

It is again the people,who  are cheated. They unwittingly relish on  a few thousand free  bies while their co habitants glorify in millions and billions.

Well , that is a way o life.

The world survives in cheat , slander, and stealing

.The hedge fund  back drops are exhibits of great theft.