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Raveendran Recuses.

A dramatic turn has happened today in the Supreme court of India ,when Raveendran , Judge , recused himself from the hearing of  Ambani dispute , citing a personal conflict of interest.

His daughter is employed in a firm that is a consultant to Reliance.The three member bench was constituted a  few months back. At the start of the case last month, Raveendran had disclosed that he had equal amount of shares in Reliance Industries and Reliance Natural.The lawyers of the two parties  raised no objection yo it.

When the nation and the investors are keenly awaiting the wrap up, this deviation seems to be a doubtful   extension.The mild excuse by the judge at the stream of hearing does not have a credible  breakthrough,

The withdrawal is an apparent ploy to prolong the case.  In a rare gesture,the government has put  its foot firmly that it is the owner of the  gas.Therein lies the catch.

 The clever brothers, with their cleverer counsels, will argue their case before the cleverest judges of the Supreme court. The dullest of the lot the investor, the duller of the crew the financial institutions and the dull of the entirety the nation, will watch the melodrama for years, such that of the telecasts of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

What a twist in the tail!!