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The Begininig Of The End

A disaster unprecedented.

Begining  takes time.

End comes in no time

Growth requires duration.

Degeneration  sets in quickly.

So ,when the end is drawing near , a winding up is so sudden and so surprising.

This was explicitly felt in Nilgris ,during the heavy rainall that rocked the lovely hilly district Of Tamilnadu, in South india.

The amily of louis , who had gone to sleep in the night , did not wake up, rather there was no remnance of them, the next morning.

The neighbours , who had seen them last evening, could not get a trace of them the next day.

The house was completely buried in the debris. The seven member Louis family also got interred in the soil.

A deadly mourning looms large over the hilly region.

Houses are hanging in mid-air.

Roads are  broken.

Electricity is disrupted.

Land keep  on sliding .

Last week,

Rain was pouring in torrence.

People lay in utter fear and absolute terror.

What is going to happen next?

A deep thinking and a keen look out of the miserable scenario would reveal a disgusting truth.

This debacle is man-made.

It is we ,who have recklessly indulged in building flats, cottages.

The soil in this region does not permit high raised buildings.

But we , out of greed , keep on enhancing the storeys .

The floors ,yield money, filling our coffers.

The land slip would have not occurred  except for this unmindful prologue.

The water would have flown through the channels  freely , if not for irrational constructions.

As usual ,the rich benefit , the mid income group and the lower strata receive the brunt .

It is they who suffer, who get hurt, who lose their lives, who  subdue and diffuse in melancholy.



By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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