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Indian Masala In The White House.

An elongation and an elaboration of Indian pride.

The Indian Prime minister Manmohan Singh and his wife are on a four-day visit to U.s.

The couple were treated to a sumptuous dinner by the Obamas .

The dinner was held in the south lawn , with a canopy and ten tables overlooking the Washington monument. The resplendent colours of ruby, apple green and gold along with the floral decoration of roses, hydrangeas, paved a colourful galore.

Michelle Obama  in her strapless gown , sewn with sterling silver  effortlessly hosted the grand dinner with excellent grace.

Her dress bore the semblance to the attire  which adorned the Indian Maharajas. Naeem khan , the Indian apparel designer was at his best in designing the  dress.. With bangles on ,she posed a charming figure  manifesting the Indian elegance..

She had carefully scrutinised the menu ,which was a powerful mixture of Indian chutneys, potato grumplings, egg-plant salad, and pakoras. The dessert   was pumpkin pie tarts . The lettuce soup and the dish of herbal shrubs splattered with honey extracted from the White House bee hives ,  was a gradient excellence.

The invitees included top Business men from India. Ratan Tata of Tata conglomerate, Mukesh Ambani of reliance, and Sam Pitroda , along with the nobel laureate Amratya sen and his wife. The indian mix did not end there. it extended to the entertainment area also.The Oscar winner A.R. Rehman was on his toes  gently elaborating his musical talent.

The Indian has grown in stature. he is a gigantic  towering personality. who has inducted himself in Nuclear research, who has exposed himself in Information technology, who has embarked himself in financial stability, who has evinced  himself in business  progress. who has evoked himself in  medical technology., cannot be ignored  by the nations and U. S in particular

Gone are the days , when India was referred to as a land o snake charmer, as a country wallowing in poverty , as a nation backward n education , and as a sub continent habited by  disease .

There are remnants of poverty, residue of infections, balance of superstition. But on whole and large the Indian national has clambered up. The Indian flag is flying high, taking the nation to the culmination of fame and prosperity.

The U.S has understood the value of India ,at last.

Obama will announce his important decision on Afghanistan after his talks with Indian Prime Minister.

A general feeling of awe and respect has been put in sway by the steady promotion of the Indian pride.

Washington has fully understood the Indian acceleration .


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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