A Miserable Miser.

A man I know is a miserable miser.miser

writing accounts in a one side paper

acts like a preacher

telling things baseless in a taper.


His handwriting lies down  on the paper

small and meagre to see really

but he keeps writing on every paper

that is available  without fee  cheaply.


He wears a dress for three days continuously

smelly and crushed all the way

It is  simplicity  he  proudly says  voluntarily

remaining partly clad  most of the day


He lives on  other people’s wealth comfortably

posing to manage them with skill cleverly

He eats nothing that  gives health  invariably

but raises and charges a fat bill absolutely


He has lived so far and so long

doing nothing in style

yet men like him do live in  wrong

living a life in guile










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Desire Everywhere.

Money is found everywhere.

It is found in stones in fare.

It is seen in paper all fair.

It is the cynosure of all eyes  in glare.

 As paper becomes currency to share,

doubling comes into play albeit to bear,

While stones are mined  from earth bare,

Value enters the fray with care.

When diamonds are excavated in places rare,

created finds its way in  the market with blare.

Gold rush gets ahead  with a snare.

desire  brings about a shy dare.

The longing for such is insatiable in a ware.

Calling for a buy out  in quantities is a trap flare.

It exceeds the capacity in an exhaustive bear.

Throwing out everything out of gear.



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A Remarkable Day

Winding up my work,

Folding all the documents,

Caught hold  of a paper,

Stuck in between the files,

Crushed and crumpled,

Torn and tattered,

I pulled it to throw away,

On second thought opened it,

Startled and staggered,

I gazed at it,

I read it ,

Not once but twice,

I went through it again,

My eye balls came out,

My jaws threw open,

My neck stretched further,

It was,it was——-,

A precious note,

A dear one,

Most valuable,

It was my honours degree,

Well, I myself have forgotten,

Years ago,I clinched the top rank,

Received a gold medal from the chancellor.

I went back some three and a half decades,

Visualised the day in great intensity,

A sprightly young girl hopping on to the stage,

Oh! What a remarkable day it was.