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Obama Needs Time

Obama powerful, yet powerless

Obama has been the President of U.S for just a month and a half.He has become the most powerful man at the most powerless economic scenario. His potency and potentiality ,though apparently  overwhelming,virtually have limited scope. he has to discern, to look into procedures with great care, to probe into anomalies with definite introspection, to have a keen insight of the country’s requirement, and monitor each and every single development with apprehension.

He has to be a full time office goer. A little relaxation will run into chaos. A small distraction will plunge the State in a dilemma. A slight fall back will lead to commotion. A tiny error will herald a gorgreous tumble.

His team , has to work day in and day out ,to bring in a restoration of livid economy and revive the deranged spirit of the people. We witness a practically numbed atmosphere a seducing calmness which threaten the very existence.Many unemployed  are quivering at their  future.The faces of frightened children, worried mothers, and depressed men  provoke anger at one end and distress at other.

Where has the money gone? This gnawing question keep on ringing in every mind. The real answer to this query is, it has gone into the hands of greedy CEO’s, infidel politicians, and the naughty elites.Madoff, Stanford ,have pocketed loads of money in a few years. Pocketing loads of money ,sounds like a paradox.Ain’t  it? Well that is what they have done. Stripped the layman of his shirt and have laid him bare chested on the lane.

Do  these men have a heart? How to reprimand them?.They have stealthily looted the nation.

Obama has a hard task ahead of him. He has to work really hard to set right the economy. He has to work overtime,to reform the society. The value of education has to be tracked back. Morals have to be attended to. Thrift and savings have to be brought back. These two qualities have been forgotten by the present day Americans. Obama has to evince personal supervision in the area of education , as the Americans have slackened in this particular  vital attribute.

Let us give time to Obama to work out his plans.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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