Politicians – an altered ethos..

A breed -rare and risky

Politics is the last resort of the scoundrel -adage.

Right, this is taking politics  to extremes.

But , there is a grain ,I hear people mumble , there is volumes of truth in it.

This breed of society, of late, are wrenching and hacking the community .

States are squeezed,treasury is squandered,coffers are emptied, ethics are devestated  by their interruptions.

Politicians empower the nation with despair and despondency.

The first world war , the second world war, the Vietnam war, the Iraq invasion, the Cuban affair,the latest Georgia intrusions are  glaring  illustrations of political morbidity.

The outcome is nothing to revel upon.

Blood shed, deaths, unintelligible deployment of arms and ammunition,panic and exasperation are the resulting diaspora.

Patriotism is a quality of yore.

Love for the country is an outdated tempo.

Genuine progress and systematic development are remote applications.

Dynamism is the least found ideal  of the modern politician.


Power is the best concoction

Money is an exemplary enthrallment.

Arrogance is the ornate gusto.

Defiance is the decorative virtue.

Politicians corrupt the mind.

They tarnish the society.

They agitate  the economy.

Finally  they end up by ruining the nation.



By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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