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How To Bring Destruction?

There be an intrusion

be it  small or simple

be it  big or complicated

it being an interference

needing not much attention

yet creates a disturbance

that be one of distribution

not one of accumulation

deranging the eternity

fragmenting the infinity

there goes a missile

not be it literally

being seen as a weapon

that throws the eternal

shatters the universal

breaks them into pieces

being the aim intended

succeeds in achieving

a victory for destruction.




Lesson From Birds.

Crows and birds used to gather

crowing and cackling in the morn

making the day bright and gay.

Along with the sun rising high

they come out of their nest.

roaming in the early morning sky

with an aim in mind steady

looking for baits in the garden

collecting them all in leisure

storing them for their little ones

getting the most for the day

feeling that would be enough

satisfied and contented they images (62)fly back

never bearing the intention to hoard

that being peculiar to the human race.




Fractions In Task

Fractions go to heights

with the way being tight

the proper fractions  seem good

with the numerator being less

and the denominator rising high

along with improper ones

where the top number is greater

and the bottom is smaller

with the mixed  tones

feeling the top being heavy

boggle the child’s mind

as well as the adult’s brain

revealing a   fun

that be good for those

with a mathematical inclination

but be a task severe

for the one with  numerical aversion

being a necessity for calculation

the mastering takes place with a determination

it being a science required greatly

for the understanding of life’s need

bordering on the material  wealth

that form the fundamental of maths-fractions living

as noted without money in hand

the survival would go in a disband

becoming a mockery of sort

leading to penury  in short







Nice is a simple word
with lot of meaning
carrying innumerable connotations
interpreting various expressions
enumerating different ideas
elucidating numerous thoughts
expressing multitude of feelings
standing for both likes and dislikes
indicating good and bad
involving great and small
all of them in a word
all of them comprised
all of them compressed
with the word “Nice”.
A personification of simplicity
nice,you go onice_quotes_wal_08ut nicely
with a nice smile and a cheer nice too.

A Lady In Pink

lady in pinkA lady walked past
in a gentle stride
with a pink high-heeled
and a pretty pink hand bag
wearing a pink diamond bracelet
and a matching diamond necklace
ears dangling with pink drops
and a pink crystal band
holding her long hair
It was pink all through
and she was also pinkish fair.
It was a delight to look at her
until a time when another
lady simple as she could be
dressed daintily glided
gracefully along the aisle with poise
decked with a lovely benign smile.

With Or Without.

no shirtSaw a man without a shirt.
sitting on a bench dirt.
talking to certain flirts.
expressing with a blurt.

Bare bodied he stands
above his frivolous band
thinking of his acts grand
as if he is creating a beautiful brand.

Shirtless he spends his day
Engaging himself in a way,
Emanating noises similar to a bray.
Holding his group in a sway.

He feels shirts are not for him
as he is a simple to the brim.
They take the light out of him
making him look dim.

He beams with pride
as he has nothing to hide.
He cannot take sides
as none want to sit besides.

He is no body builder
but a cheap bidder
He is not a pleader
as he is not a reader.

Read or write he knows not.
Behaviour or decorum he knows not.
Modesty or magnanimity he knows not.
How to be, with shirt or without, we know not?