Nice is a simple word
with lot of meaning
carrying innumerable connotations
interpreting various expressions
enumerating different ideas
elucidating numerous thoughts
expressing multitude of feelings
standing for both likes and dislikes
indicating good and bad
involving great and small
all of them in a word
all of them comprised
all of them compressed
with the word “Nice”.
A personification of simplicity
nice,you go onice_quotes_wal_08ut nicely
with a nice smile and a cheer nice too.

Actions Poem thoughts

A Lady In Pink

lady in pinkA lady walked past
in a gentle stride
with a pink high-heeled
and a pretty pink hand bag
wearing a pink diamond bracelet
and a matching diamond necklace
ears dangling with pink drops
and a pink crystal band
holding her long hair
It was pink all through
and she was also pinkish fair.
It was a delight to look at her
until a time when another
lady simple as she could be
dressed daintily glided
gracefully along the aisle with poise
decked with a lovely benign smile.

Actions Looks Man Poem Read Reading shirtless thoughts

With Or Without.

no shirtSaw a man without a shirt.
sitting on a bench dirt.
talking to certain flirts.
expressing with a blurt.

Bare bodied he stands
above his frivolous band
thinking of his acts grand
as if he is creating a beautiful brand.

Shirtless he spends his day
Engaging himself in a way,
Emanating noises similar to a bray.
Holding his group in a sway.

He feels shirts are not for him
as he is a simple to the brim.
They take the light out of him
making him look dim.

He beams with pride
as he has nothing to hide.
He cannot take sides
as none want to sit besides.

He is no body builder
but a cheap bidder
He is not a pleader
as he is not a reader.

Read or write he knows not.
Behaviour or decorum he knows not.
Modesty or magnanimity he knows not.
How to be, with shirt or without, we know not?

Actions Experience feelings learning Lesson Life Poem reason


It was a fraction.

It was a simple fraction.

It had a solution.

It was an easy solution.

Lo! it evaded a resolution.

Is it because I lost reason?

Economy subscriptions thoughts

A vendor In A Bicycle.

Long long ago , so long ago,

When the people were with no ego,

There was a  small  self made man

Who sold beautiful art pieces in  a can,

 Cries out  by soliciting each and every household,

His voice made every one behold,

The glittering crafty skill,

Of  the artisans  frill,

A one to one admiration arose,

While the  buyers browse,

The vendor comments on the  pieces,

Quotes  easily  the prices,

In his familiar friendly  tone

Inducing the buyer to a  bargain shown,

Expressing an easy mode of payment,

 By extending a fair discount,

Summing up the transaction in a benign note,

Bidding adieu  to the  customers  with  a smiling dote,

Pushes  his  rattling cycle along the lane

Ringing his bell  in a rejoicing  plane.

They knew not the moderen trade,

Of malls and markets  grade,

Remained contented with grace,

Which kept all othere efface










Economy subscriptions thoughts

Arithmetics Of Economy

All  arithmetic operations,

Baffles many  corporations.

Of business and government,

Leaving an astounding empowerment,

Of balancing and reigning,

Creating a profound signing,

Of a pro forma and a policy,

Including a trial and  secrecy,

Of profit and principle,

Establishing a  gospel,

Of truth and discipline .

Impressing an ethical  legitimacy

Of   revenue and transparency,

Measuring a standard deviation,

Of logarithmic calculation,

Founding a  translucency,

Of light and clemency.

In trade and administration,

Which works out a conservation

Of reserve and  regulation.

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Common Cold-Then And Now.

Cold is an infection that keeps on meddling you time on and time again. People .like me in my childhood had a perennial water supply from my nose. I was not put on any antibiotics, any special diet, nor quarantined from  my siblings. Cold and I grew together. In the mornings , I had starting trouble. my nose would be blocked , my voice choked,thus no sound came out. Half asleep , I would be dragged from my bed, given a tepid bath, hair combed, and I was dressed up for my school. An oil bath was a must on Tuesdays and Fridays. I used to struggle ,shout,but nothing worked. The oil bath was performed with exact   measure of oil warmed with  a fragment of garlic, a small piece of red chili, pepper and jeeragam.THe oil was profusely applied on my head and body,. I was made to sit in the bathroom for fifteen minutes. Then  shikakai  or soap nut powder was rubbed , to remove the oil. The shikakai was mixed with rice boiled water. The bath used to be warm.  My cold appreciated. in leaps and bounds. proceeded to school with a big towel in hand. My friends used to make fun of me.I did not mind their provocation, instead , threatened them ,that if they continued their jeering , the infection will catch them. That was the way , I was brought up. in strict military discipline along with the sense of pride and independence.In course of time the cold virus, baffled by the treatment and contempt meted out   bade farewell to my system. Immunity developed by itself. I grew hale and healthy.

In recent times, if a child sneezes , the parents rush to the doctor, who prescribes, antibiotics, paracetamol, and cough syrup . The child has to take thrice a day , for five days. The child is  given a sponge bath, and put in a separate room. She is not allowed to go to school, instead put in bed with warm clothes and socks. The child is made to feel pretty sick. The confidence is lost. The medicine weakens the system, kills the appetite and renders the child helpless. After five days , she is allowed to have restricted movements. A week later the child goes to school, half tired . A week’s activities is lost.

Feed the cold and starve the fever is the maxim that comes in my mind. Leave the  cold to itself . It will disappear in a week’s time. Cold in small children is a growing symptom, that gradually diminishes as the child advances in age.