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Simple ——– Not A Boggle

simpleSimple as it seems

a word used so often

does not gleam

entails a soften

simple a logarithmic expression

controls too many an impression

could never indicate a repercussion

always denotes a progression

simple could you be

could your manners be

as all include the  tone ordinary

bereft of glamour extraordinary

the talk encompasses plain words

the behaviour boards

a cordiality  in a solicit

a kindliness in the light

a no nonsense type

nothing snobbish in the pipe

spontaneous and regular

graceful and not one of vigour

a lively person in the go

could be found with a bow

an affability  is seen all through

no inhibitions in true

that be to a person

could be ascribed to others too

be in a scenery  pure and pretty

the one that provokes a gaiety

noticed in a writing plain and straight

a living graceful and bright

bereft of ostentatious and gaudiness

simple is a strain having a mild resonance