Cruising Through

Back on the way

not so fortunate in a way

vehicle movement  being quiet heavy

almost a stalemate in a levy

forward move  was inch by inch

negotiated  slowly without a pinch

headed right to  the islands.

Kingston that has thousand islands

equally distributed  between  two lands

the larger islands quote a U.S band

whilst being many in the Canadian

primarily the lands of the Indians

now not found in both states

live they now behind the gates

one of  interiors  amidst the forests

remote and far away from the tenets

the islands  around the lakes

a lively scope for holidaying with stakes

 as the cruise glides  through  elegantly 

a pleasant experience of great intensity

fills up the heart with fun and air fresh

altogether it is an excellent refresh!



The Gleam Of Blue

sjamacdonaldA drive down the road

a long time on the highway

the traffic not so heavy

the stretch goes not in a wind

but all straight through

with “on routes” on the way

have the Tim Hortons in there

refreshing with a toast and hot chocolate

proceed further into the east

on sight is the City of Ottawa

the small city with fame as Capital

limited be its attractions

there goes the beauty with them

the lake goes around the city

cheerful and colorful in one stroke

stand there the Prime Ministers past

look from their pedestals with pride

on the vicinity, is a memorial for soldiers

two guards below with least expressions

a beautiful sight it is in a way

that hold our fascination in great sway.

goes with it an enchanting splendour

to see the Rideau canal run through

an engineering marvel that holds one aghast

All be that a fastidious scene in the groove

that pleases one with a gleam of blue.