Nature Revels.

When I have nothing to do

 I turn to Nature

 as it is always in the go

 has in it a regular feature

dawn and dusk to dark dawn, dusk, and night

 it rolls on every day almost

sun, wind or rain in sight 

 it revolves with a vigour most 

  seen with a bloom here 

 semblance of  a fade there 

Nature is never tired 

 unlike me who cries 

 for the trivia in a sob

 the heart sends a throb

 I sit there with  down cast eyes

 Nature smiles at me cheerfully

Of course, with no ties!


Throw Concepts

Throw concepts on the wall

just fix them tall

 leave them there in all

 never bother to pursue them to call

 an attack would be sensible to fall

 otherwise it would be an addiction in small

 carry with it nothing in crawl

 a statement let out  in all

take it or leave it is your call

 that is   the choice of  a poet 

 who writes with sincerity  in quiet.



That Be Her Today


Born in a family of great affluence

trained in fine arts from age four

 music, dance and instrumental

were part of life with the fundamental

schooled in the best convent 

graduated with honours and rank

an apple of the parent’s eye.

great was the life till she was twenty.


Came twenty with a bang 

marriage rushed in with a twang 

wedded into a family of frugality

a cheek on the go was the finality

turned she into a wife all in a sudden

bore she the yoke of burden

found she in an alien household

 style and niceties on hold.


Forgot she her tunes and rhythm

became she one among the crowd 

did she all the chores in diligence 

had no time to think of her old days 

tossed by the in-laws all the more

turned a ghost of herself in short 

lost she her qualities of grace 

aped she the crudities of the place.


Time flew , forty years later 

discovers she her youthful attire 

that of song and poetry with ardour

goes she to her veena with a fervour 

 Lo ! her knees ache all the way 

stands she with tears  in her eyes 

starts to sing a song of her days

oh ! her voice cracks all the way.


That be her  today

longs she to get back to  the golden days 

tries hard with  disciplinary diligence

Oh ! finds herself in the place still

easy to turn and look back with a feel

 misty is the recollections  hard to retrieve 

life has taken the toll all too much 

sits down she  desperate with hands folded.