Nobility All The More.

It is a surprise 
pleasant be it twice 
 an unknown face 
 seen in the first phase 
 offered to let us in
 unmindful of the pin
 without the least introduction 
made us feel at home  an action
 noble and beyond comprehension
 gave not any luxurious enchants 
 only the necessity without rant 
 extended with warmth and cordiality 
 that be the case of great derivative 
strong one of sustenance  in all
 a loving display of greatness  without brawlnobility


The Visa

A day it was  yesterday

 full of events  in a way

 an interview  for  visa to travel

a non immigrant  stamp on the 

done with effective conduct 

in a no-nonsense deduct 

with some questions simple 

the time to get over 

 was not altogether 

 an hour or more 

 but only a few minutes 

 yet the wait for an appointment 

 attached with it  the rules and regulations 

 was tense and  proved  a little anxious 

while  the anticipation after  the viva

 was one of a dilemma  

 concerned not of the approval

 the period to process  and deliver

  the important document  as such

 submitted  to authorities  for perusal

that of a passport    of great validity 

 an identity as well as an asset

 a  token to travel in and out 

 in the form of a  small book

 with  dates of issue and expiry 

 a number with an initial

 say A 123456

along with the place of issue 

 and the country of origin

all to be memorized .

A significant  copy it is 

 once lost dooms you for eternity 

 the  application and the compiling 

 takes long days to work out 

with the authorities busy all time 

  Not risky to visa application lose your name 

 or might forget it for a while 

 never the passport anymore.