Travel Ahead.

Have to cross the borders

 to travel in order

 to see my children 

who live in different regions.

travel plans

The joy of visiting them

 turns into glum

 the long hours of  flight 

is in itself  not blight.


Three hours over the sky

 is  plausibly a pleasurable drive

 anything more is apprehensive

transforms into  repulsive .


No  country is so near  as that 

most lie far away  in state 

 a full day or more into the clouds

makes one  resist travel aloud.


The thought  of a day and more 

confines one to a no more 

as the age advances every year 

travel does not hold any cheer.





The Fear.

The fear that haunts one

go with a deal when done

let it be a superficial

might it be a surreal

the apprehension tears apart

though apparently it is fought

with a determination great

that be the real fate

of too many in the go –

not possible to sustain the blow

that of evils of witchcraft

implicated with a poignant shaft.


Gone With The wind

Gone with a wind

no remnants of  any stormkind

to hold us in bind 

 as they are  well behind.


No trace of them whatsoever

 forgotten forever 

 think of them never

then you become clever.


Flown by the storm

 they are without a form.

lie in the infinity calm 

inflict no harm.


Past is very far away 

no remorse be in the way.

go ahead in gay 

that be the path always.