Daily Archives: September 30, 2014

To See The Best.

It is a day serene

the sky, not in a  sheen

grey and black at times

there being no chime

the  sun sits back quiet

not involved in anything tight

the clouds are dark and intense

hover they with a fight in a sense

a mislead to a night in trace

Well,  in turn that is a sure base

it  seems so destitute and silent

as I sit with a gaze in a trident

my mind is heavily bent

it does suffer a serious dent.

Lo! my eyes  need a rest

to see all the best.


To Cross.

The road so broad and long

looked  very huge and strong

stood at an end in awe

most apprehensive with a tremble.

Halted for a time there

eyes went almost bare

feared to go ahead though

with one foot on the road.

The dilemma surged  in a rave

across to the other side brave

contemplated awhile in fear.

en suite rushed across the lane.

The heart jumped from within

got caught in the midway din

cars honked on either side  mad

feet trembled in a distinct  shiver sad.

The drivers shouted in  bridling anger

cursed me in a  note of stammer

scared  I made way to the opposite

unmindful of the swear and scream.

This way it could be an instance

the road is  a semblance

of life in a wholesome pretence

this being an appraisal of a defence.


As such cross of  the road is  easy

be it accompanied by anything not dizzy

so much so with the life  characteristic

be it engrossed with a serious outlook.