Daily Archives: December 8, 2008

Stimulus Vs Corruption

U.S has announced a Bail out  of 700 billion dollars.

India has offered a stimulus package of 4 billion dollars ,which is 17000 crores in Indian Rupee.

Rescuing the economy, is an applauding insinuation

Growth stimulus and Fiscal stimulus have received praise and criticism.

The markets have given thumbs up to the package,as it would push demand and have a massive impact on  growth.

Wall Street reversed early losses and closed sharply higher on Friday 5/12/2008,hoping  that Washington will again step in to aid the economy.

The pick apart ,is will the market sustain this upsurge?

A malady , physical illness , in this context, is to be treated with  diligent care and meticulous attention.

A medical practitioner , has to diagnose the cause, read the history of the illness, assess the condition of the patient, analyse the degree of affliction, before prescribing medicines or performing a surgery.

He should  not slip, but  constantly keep in mind that life is precious, any little misdoing , any wrong move,any half hearted attempt ,will cost a value.

Admitting the sick person in a well founded hospital, giving him a posh furnished room, nursing him with  expensive medication, coaxing him with all comforts, cajoling him with relievers , is a transitory  truancy.

The patient ,should be made aware of his ailment, should be compelled to  respond to proper medication, and should be subjected to exact applications, however hard, however serious, however strenuous it may work out.

The economy  is nearly dead.The infection  and infliction is  worldwide

To revive it , a lesson has to be learnt in a hard way.

First decimate corruption, weed bribery, extract treachery, diffuse falsification, defer procrastination.

Then , maintain transparency, practise faith, avoid double accounting,insist urgency,and centralise trust.

Once , these significant  principles are moderated, the economy will look up.

The theory of Bail out , as perceived in U.S ,and stimulus , as referred in India ,will have a meaning and will win a purpose.

The jostling mind.

“Mind can make a hell out of Heaven and Heaven out of Hell”

Milton’s words are worth a million.

It is the mind which governs the individual.

Physical discomfort  can be alleviated by medicine.

Financial pressure can be alienated by proper management of wealth.

Mental burden can be aggravated by simple mechanism of taunt ,envy,treachery,and indifference.

A solid mind is structured by,a sure dictum, an invincible courage ,an undaunted spirit,an indomitable stoicism.

All these idiosyncrasies ,in excess support , fumble in no time,when the tide turns against the norms.

The mind gets tossed as the tidal waves.

There is lot of puffing. lot of sighing,and lot of fretting.

Bereft of sleep. exhausted of fatigue, tired of controversies,submerged by apprehensions,and shaken by atrocities, the mind dives deep into a whirlpool of misery.

Misfortune breaks the spine.

The man becomes a ghost of his original.

Mind  can wrought wonders and confound  ruins.