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Rejoice Rebuffs Remorse.

Media,  made a significant contribution ,in publishing the news about Karanunidhi’s family ensemble.

They carried  a group photo of  estranged Marans  looking cheerful, with  brothers,Alagiri- Madurai chieftain appering  joyful , Stalin –  the sitting Minister heaving a sigh of relief   with father Karunanidhi beaming,and with   mother Dhayalu smiling.It was  virtually a perfect  disposition  of rejoice.

A beautiful photography,  giving expression to all  positive sentiments as proposed by the top family of Tamilnadu.

But the picture , lacked the most  required  gesture, that of remorse.

Three innocent lives of promising youngsters, was plucked by the  demonstrators devilish behaviour  at Dinakaran Office in Madurai, last June.

The parental grief, the anguish of the family, the  truama of  the brutal  beating  the three young men encountered,  while laying down their lives,  will never  be reported  by  the media.

The intensity will not be transcribed, will not be recorded, will not be brought to light , as they belong to ordinary folks, who  supported  their parents  and who earned  their livelihood by slogging in such demeaning offices.

 Remember ,as  splendour brings in harmony, grief too heralds unity.

The story of “The Three Bears” .  crossed my mind as,. I noticed.the  picture of these celebrities.Father bear, Mother Bear and the Baby bear, had a life of their own , away from the multitude, in  a make believe world of fantasy.

This  unusual reference, is brought in  , as a humorous  interlude to  heighten the emotional  impact by means of contrast.

Buddham saranam kachami , unwantedly  keeps on ringing in my ears, nagging my mind,  setting it to a discordant  upbeat. 


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Well Above All

A child shunned by family,

Ranked  well above all.

 A child  deprived of  wealth,

Strode  well above all.

 A child exiled from  home,

Returned  well above all.

 A child denied  of rights

 Legitimised well above all.

 A child iintrigued by taunts,

Glistened  well above all

 A child reduced by rivalry,

Competed  well above all.

 A child deformed by prejudice,

Rationalised well above all.

 A child shattered by indifference,

 Distinguished   well above all

 A child sheared by tantrums,

Radiated  well above all.

 A child tarnished by ill will,

Rejuvenated  well above all

 A child embraced by God,

Extolled  well above all.