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The Fixation

Spinning money , is the latest mania.

Mortals are obsessed with money and its allurements.

Make money , by hook or crook, become rich overnight, wallow in luxury, display  wealth ,are the maxims of the present populace.

Calling a convention, for  obscure  events is the fashion of the day.

Hosting a big party for  insignificant idylls is the way of  today’s life.

Spending extravagantly for short ,irrelevant issues , is the progression of society.

This strange behaviour is absolutely erroneous.  It puts salt into my mouth. It  is an abrupt contempt for society.

It  may  be termed as total disregard for environment.

Environment  pollution is not  only restricted to  surroundings, to noise, to air , to water,but also to behaviour.

This nauseating attitude  contaminates the mind by causing dipleasure and discomfort .

The harm committed thus is grave and serious., leading to mental discomfiture.

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Remainder Reminder

Remainder usually remminds us of the original.

The  remainder of the financial gallery is a ghostly reminder.The reminder  is the pale skeleton of the original.There is virtually nothing,. That which cannot be destroyed has been annihilated, has been exhumed.

I go back to my school days, when my Maths teacher would din subtraction and division into our heads.

What is the remainder you derived , when you  divided 66 by 5 ?

We answered  the reminder is 1.

Now what will be the reminder , if you divide 66 by 6?

We shouted , it is 0  (zero.)

Recent economic digressions remind us of this remainder.

The financials  show a net remainder of zero.

No value can be attributed to stocks and products.

Depletion of stock value have cost many a life.

Disappearance of  money invested in hedge funds have led to loss of lives.

Job losses have directed  death.

Wage displacement have moved towards ending life.

The economy melt down has swiftly effaced prosperity and eluded mental equanimity.

The downturn is driving us mad, is provoking us , is presenting a gloom , is spreading despair and forcing us to writhe in anguish.

Life becomes a hallucination, a perception void of stimulus, and transcription devoid of growth.