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Intelligence,Love, and piety formulate the human mind.

The refinement of the individual depends on education,and the restraint from spurious drinks, cigars,and meat and poultry products.

The  Tamil poet , Thayumanavar,eludes such withdrawal in his poems, by saying,killing of animals for food is a detested practice and the uplift of mortals  will be enhanced by  abstaining from such habits.

The growth of the mind, the progress of  skills, the promotion of love and the elevation of the soul,are the outcome of  the absolute refrainment of non killing, and nonconsumption  of  animal products.

This has been vociferously endorsed by Thiruvalluvar and Ramalinga adigal.

The two  essential dharmas that  mankind have to inculcate are,

1.Non killing.

2.Refraining from eating animal flesh.

One can assimilate knowledge, achieve power, earn money,but the ultimate salvation , the nirvana or enlightenment is the outcome of abstinence.

This quality raises Man.

The ordinary becomes extraordinary,the simple becomes special, the mortal becomes celestial, the Man becomes a Saint.

Intelligent Eccentricity.

The title will send the head whirling.

What does this odd combination of words interpret.?

This  fusion of  seemingly unrelated words is called an oxymoron.

Intelligence can be defined as superior power of mind.

Eccentricity connotes a whimsical behaviour.

The mixture of   wisdom and  unconventionality,. may appear strange in the apparent procedure, but they coexist in reality.

Many examples  can be cited to prove this hypothesis.

A ferociously intelligent person , another oxymoron is jutting in,will make life unlivable.

His penetrating mind will percolate to the basics,will make an incisive research of  the human frenzies. will make a mockery of the frailties, and try to fish  from a dried pond.

He will think the unthinkable, worry unnecessarily, make others jittery, predict  unheard equations, draw unseemlier parallels., formulate unrealistic theorems.and attempt to hunt in a barren land.

Many a man revel in such eccentric behaviour,  transforming a sprightly ,ebullient  life into a  risk  prone enigma.