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An Appeal To The World

This is a sincere application put forth to the governments worldwide.

It may sound peculiar, may appear out of context, may seem to be intangible, may annoy most of the top ranked politicians.

After following the analysis of economists, and after watching the rapid meltdown of world economy ,I am forced to put forth a theory.

I am no research scholar, not a management guru, not abusiness analyst, but a mere citizen, aware of the misdoings, the defaults and downturns.

Judiciary, world over, is a separate constituent .

It is not bound by the governments, politics,and the rich.

It acts independently and most of the judgements are above criticism.

The governments change over a period, get toppled, become shaky, and in certain countries there are coalition ministry.

This change in situation compels shuffling of the administration. The machination undergoes an absolute reschedule and the focus and prerogatives get a jerk. We see a new articulation.

The economy shifts. It has to modify to the changed scenario. The policies and principles adopted by the previous governments,are transformed.

A different edition is prepared , which sends the whole set up reeling.

The frequent adjustments and the administrative intrusion threaten economic growth.

Economy requires a sustained development and a pinpointed syllabus like judiciary.

If such stipulation is arranged a  beautiful world economy will unfurl an invigorate the growth stimulus.


Diffused in Music

 I placed myself , in a most vantage position, away from my telephone, from my PC and range bound from my domestic staff.

I dug through my collection of CD’s . I took out my favourite Kriti, ‘nannupalimpa ‘rendered by Maharajapuram Santhanam.

Mohanam, is the key raga , the property of the Maharajapuram school.

Raga Mohanam  is an alluring . an enchanting,and an enticing beauty

Listening to the particular  rendition, I got intoxicated and bewitched.

 Thiagaraja ,was in the midst of his daughter’s marriage. The rituals were taking place. The saint was little  distracted. as his eyes were looking at the Cauvery river ,which was majestically flowing,, He was eagerly waiting for his disciple Venkataramana Bhaghavathar.He got worried. He could not participate in the ceremonies whole heartedly.His mind became restless.Then, as though it was an apparition, he saw Venkataramana Bhagavathar wading through the deep waters, carrying aloft the idol of Sri Rama.

Tyagaraja,in ecstasy sang the kriti “nanupalimpa. nadachivachitivo”.

He saw, Lord Rama, striding imperiously, negotiating the fluent flow of Cauvery, and entering the wedding pandal.To him ,there was no sign of anything tangible. The bridal pair, the relatives, his prime disciple, all  submerged into Sri Rama. He saw the Lordeverywhere, in every face.

He cried  Rama, Rama,in deep bhakthi.He felt that  SriRama had descended from Heaven , to bless his daughter, in response to his invitation.Tyagaraja  ,extolled.,Lord Rama’s coutesy as he  had condescended to grace the occassion,a blessing unexpected, unheard and unimaginable

 As Tyagaraja felt the Divine Presence.,I experienced the same stimulating sentiment ,while I listened to this beautiful song.. I was enthralled , exhilarated and lost myself in reverie 

Oh ! Rama ,transcribe the most exquisite of all  emotions, translate the most lovable of all experiences, and transcend the most celestial of all beings.

I see Sri Rama alone.


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The Economic Cycle.

 The major forces that motivate human actions return in cycles.

These forces are religion, science, philosophy and curiosity and the latest addition is economy.

Recurring events are a  natural phenomenon.

A year comprises of a cycle of seasons, summer, spring ,autumn  and winter

In chemistry it is pertaining  to a compound that contains a closed chain or ring of atoms

The repeated patterns in music makes the listener to concentrate with great intensity.

Botany points towards the formation of a whorl, example, cyclic petals,cyclic flowers.

Certain poets imitated Homer and kept within a circle of a single theme, thus enhancing the serenity of the epics.

Linguistics are guided by the application of a rule.

 Human life., is governed by repeated events,  birth, growth,and death.

Economics is a study of production, distribution and consumption.

Economic cycle refers to the fluctuation of economic activity.

It is punctuated by rapid growth and relative stagnation.

To avert cyclic recessions , we have to evolve a theory , insulated ,from political supervision, elite intervention,lobbyists interpretation , and government interference.

Artificial abundant credit subsidizing and unsustainable over investment has  landed economy in a soup.

Cyclic progression is a manifestation of nature.. it is a natural evolution, a general requiem.

Tapping the energy , utilising the resource, striking the chord, at the appropriate period , will lead us to a suhanubhava in life.

Similarly economic evolution  can  be envisaged by linking firms, technology , innovations and developments in one core medium.

Economy should be disconnected from Politics. It should work as an independent body,with the motto of ‘Progress’

Political dominance, , controversial interference ,,and tricky media will suspend the rapid stride of economy, which has to be nonchalant and infuriatingly creative.