Anticipations go astray.

Globalisation -an unethical syntax.

The financial melt down is because of spurt in oil prices  was the general belief the world over.

Crude oil is now trading at $62.

Still the economy is depressed.

Oil is traded cheap.

Expenses are cheap.

But recession is mounting up.

A paradoxical situation-the business has come to a stand still.

Forecasts, predictions, researched analysis , have miserably flopped.

Noted economists, reputed finance programmers,banking experts, market gurus, regulators, theory of bail out, cut in credit reserve ratio, are unable to restore placidity to economy.

My ideas may sound impertinent, but  they may give a clue to this unexpected show down.

Globalisation  ,sounds fahionable, elicits wonder,evaluates rich content, professes high quality endowments, but in reality rattled  the comprehensive culture,evacuated the close knit acquisitions and pulled the robust encompass to a frail skeleton.

Globalisation  has eschewed the liquidity ,eroded the free flow of trade, and impaired the prosperity  of the nations.

It prompts me to say it is a fall together.

Unseemingly the Biblical Noah’s Ark story  creeps in.

Noah saved his family.and the stocks of all animals in a vessel built at God’s command, as God grieved by the wickedness of mankind tried to destroy the corrupted world by a deluge.

Let us save the the world from this vicious concept ,by climbing into Noah’s Ark.away from the cheeky politicians, greedy officials, and treacherous middlemen.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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