Aiyo! Aiyo!

Sweating profusely
 I wipe my  face
 with the sari pallu
Dong goes the bell
tucking the  sari
around my hip
 I rush to the door.

Shabby, unkempt
with my hair 
flying in directions,
the end piece of the sari 
wet with my sweat
adds to the disorder
disgusting  and repelling!

 Dressed  in choice outfits
 poised and elegant , a lovely 
smile  lit large, a dainty
lady and  her stylish husband 
cross past me . I see myself
in the mirror on the opposite wall.

A phantom like reflection,
 a ghastly figure, attired 
 in the most hopeless way
the big  round  black eyes 
keep rolling like an unfocused 
lens. gasping I murmur, 
What a contrast!  Aiyo!