More And More —Mantra

His appetite is ravenous.
A heavy eater, gulps 
what is served, grabs
what is not offered,

That which is in his plate
goes down the gullet,
in no time, Eyes his 
neighbour’s plate, 

neither does  he leave 
his siblings  in peace, picks 
what is available 
thrusts into his mouth.

Aghast at his devilish
hunger,   I look at him
with an awkward awe,
 Like to ask, Is that enough?

He rolls with his tummy full
belching nonstop, Picturing 
the man’s hunger as a pretense
 to his avariciousness.

He  turns uncontrollable,  loots, 
cheats, pulls and pushes 
fretting for more money, 
‘More and more’ is the mantra
never does he gets satiated.