Hinduism To Me

Deigning Infinity with costumes,
 adorning with jewels,
 decorating the premises,
addressing them with names
 some take the male form
 others the female part,

Wealth giver is Lakshmi
 Saraswathi denotes knowledge,
 Valour is that of Parvathi,
 Shiva is the Destroyer,
 Protection  goes to Vishnu
 Brahma assumes the role of creator.

Addressing each of them
 singing their praises in verses,
Sahasaranamams, pasurams.
 viruthams, songs, written 
by scholars come in handy
 while praying to God.

The worship focuses on wishes
 one of” what I want”,  Personifications 
facilitate an easy approach, directing 
the requirement to the specified  ones,
Celebrations, continue day in and day out
with a pious rendition of slokams
performance of yagams

Ruled by faith, Hinduism 
thrives  embracing universality,
 preaching tolerance and fortitude
cautioning the Hindus  against 
atrocities and malpractices 
eliciting Karma  and its aftermath.