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Do Not Listen To Your Body.

Pay heed to your mind, not to your body.

A seemingly amusing caption is in the air. Not listening to your body, appears to be an apparent objection and an irrelevant remark. But , in real  reference ,we have to lend our ears to this call.

The body ,complains of so many ailment, right from the common headache to the chronic illness.Taking note of each and every indisposition will make us an invalid , and render us a non performer.

An headache may be splitting. It will make you impoverished.   Do not succumb to its taunts. Take a pill, go along with your routine, The dose will bring down the pain to a certain extent. Much more , the concentration in your work ,will minimise the suffering. The focused attention will enable you to forget the rigours of turmoil.

I have bad legs. They do not cooperate with me at all. They ache when I climb up. They send signal of discomfort , when I get down. They pose a strenuous alibi  when I squat on the floor. My knees ,literally beseech and plead for rest. But I carry on . I care a tuppence to my legs and knees. I move about my job, without complaining, without exhibiting pangs of pain. The spasm ,at times ,force me to lie down . But ,I never do that. In case , I give room to such  licences, then my tampered organs, will evince a speculation . They would progress in tandem and throw a tantrum. My mobility will come to  a standstill. I would be tied to a wheel chair .

To avoid such  a gross impediment, I go on the track , limping  mostly, wobbling awkwardly  at times, moving in slow motion  exerting  much care and much caution.

Ignore the cry of your body, set aside its  threats, go ahead with your itinerary as normally you do.The disobedient body will definitely coordinate with you.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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