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An Inertia

The body is in motion.

The mind is in commotion.

There is no coordination.

Everything moves in acceleration.

Leading to an arrest of notions.

It is likely to bring an inertia.

The mind works towards an amnesia.

The limbs succumb to a  paralytic  differentia.

The spirit dies  in  a distinct  criteria.


Actions subscriptions thoughts


There is  a big roundabout,

Down the lane,

Vehicles go round it ,

To change directions en route.


There is another roundabout,

Down the speech,

Talks go  about,

To change directions incomprehensible.


There is one more roundabout,

Down the thoughts,

Ideas trace out,

To change directions irrationally.



There is still one more roundabout,

Down the merry-go-round,

Happiness runs through ,

To change directions gleefully.




 Roundabouts are for safety,

The  circular junctions  ,

Cautioning the vehicles to slow down,

To follow the traffic sign



Roundabout is a way of expression,

In a circular movement,

Beating round the bush,

To get out from the  core.



Roundabout is also a sort of imagination,

In circular dreams,

Clasping  with wild entice,

To diffuse in a frenzy.


Roundabout is also a kind of joy,

In circular motions,

Going round and round,

To enjoy with cheer.